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With Abdul Erinfolami

Abdul Erinfolami neighborhood loans

Abdul Erinfolami

Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer

As your Loan officer, I will be an advocate for you. When it comes time for you to make your purchase I will work tirelessly to promote your best interests by using a state of urgency, technology, experience from past clients, and market data. I will work hard to provide you with accurate information to inform and assist you so you can become a well-equipped buyer. I understand that buying real estate can be stressful. As your full time loan officer, I will work hard to lower your stress level and make your experience as pleasurable as possible. I plan on accomplishing this through constant communication, patience, detail orientation, proactive/strong advocation for you and being accessible whenever you need me.


testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loans

Working with Abdul was a great experience! He was patient and hardworking and takes the time to explain everything in detail. It was perfect for me because I had so many questions. I have some friends who are getting started with their home search and I’m definitely planning on recommending him

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loans

They were extremely helpful. They gave me great advice on how to protect and improve my credit to help them get me the best loan possible. I'm not sure anyone else would spend the time they did to make sure I did everything right. Thank you Neighborhood Loans for helping me get a beautiful home I can afford!

testimonials 5 starts for neighborhood loans

They helped me out with a 203K loan on my first property. Explained the steps of the process to me before and throughout, as well as being there through text, call, or email whenever needed. Definitely would recommend Neighborhood Loans if you're looking to purchase a home. My family definitely is happy with the new place. Thanks again!

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